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Nanaroba Hana

Doko de datte, atashi rorita! (No Matter Where I Am, I Remain a Lolita!)


I initially considered various different Japanese scenes, but I thought the most natural thing would be to draw something that was linked to my own experiences and this was the result.
I enjoy drawing pictures of girls wearing Western clothes that are almost 'Lolita costumes', and this time I thought that I would do something a bit more realistic and create ‘a scene of a young girl who persists in wearing Lolita fashions in a rural area'.
Until I grew up I lived in the countryside of Niigata Prefecture and there was a period during my teens when I liked Lolita fashion, just like the figure in this picture. I dressed up at home then set off to the centre of the local town where I would get together with my friends. It requires a great deal of enthusiasm to walk through the country dressed in Lolita clothes.
I do not know if this kind of scene can still be witnessed in the countryside today, but I have depicted an image from my youth in the hope that people will think, ‘I did that!’, ‘I’ve seen that!’, sharing my experience and getting enjoyment from it.
In closing I would like to thank the organizers for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event.
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