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Haruiro miko mai (Dance of the Shrine Maiden in Spring Scenery)




I would like to express my gratitude for being offered this valuable opportunity. My name is MIKEOU.

When I participated in the ‘Eshi 100 - Contemporary Japanese Illustration’ exhibition last year, I drew a shrine maiden at sunset, but then I really like shrine maidens! For that reason I have used the same subject, although changing the theme and orientation somewhat.
I thought it would be fantastic and cute if a shrine maiden were to perform a holy dance on water while the cherry blossom falls around her. Today, we only see shrine maidens during the new year festivities but wouldn’t it be great if we were able to have more opportunities to see their activities at various festivals, or in the neighborhood, etc...

I plan to draw many more shrine maidens in the future. I will be happy if you like this work even a little bit. Thank you very much.
mikeou miko

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