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cleavage detexted ellenora_viltaria madan_no_ou_to_vanadis wallpaper wave_ride

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Throwing a slight mod for a 2560x1600... could throw up a HD format as well, as I extended the sides enough for that ratio...

Feel free to delete this if it is out of place, (would appreciate knowing why (rules, garbage, artifacts (hey the source was JPG!)..etc).

Was this an upscale of the original? That's almost always a major reason that it'll be deleted. As for making different images wallpaper, that's meant more for is an upscale, of sorts (but not a normal enlarge function in a photo program, but a special-case enlarging program that I find does quite a good job for low-level size changes like this, and a quite acceptable job to turn small images into larger ones to become some basis for a new work), and cleaned up partially (i.e. was < an hour work), but .. and I may be wrong on this, if you look at both images at the same scale, I see fewer jpg-artifacts in this one than in the original (not to mention this one has the subject more centered).

But it's main function was to get rid of the text, and extend the proportions a bit so I could make a 1920x1080 as well as a 2560x1600 (but no one seemed that jazzed about the HD size, so didn't bother).

Like I mentioned .. trial balloon... if it is deleted is it deleted because it is not as good as parent (hmmm...) or is it deleted reflexively due to some rule?

If the latter.... well, poo! Yeah, I guess the sky is sorta pink polkadots... (may be all those dots are why I can't see some details...). (oblique humor reference).

"More at home on konachan", eh?... will keep that in mind in any event (i.e. if I ever vector this.. not sure how much I want to bother...).....
_Astara said:
if I ever vector this.. not sure how much I want to bother...
No need to vector this, see post #306717
But that one cuts her off at the side... Did you have a source that shows the top of her head (that is cut off in this one)? Or did post #306717 synthesize the missing pieces?

Good job if the latter, though if the former, does that mean there is a "wider angle" "shot" or "version" of the parent that doesn't cut any of her off?

It seems those 2 shots were all that were available at the pixiv member's page -- shoulda checked before asking. That said, post #306717 isn't a vector -- but are indication that one might have been done (but not posted).