Date Sep 13, 2008 User vistigris Rating Questionable Score 26
I Love Pussy Shots like these
Date Sep 21, 2008 User petopeto Rating Safe Score 0
This is the cover to her latest doujin, I was going to scan lazy :D
Actually that's the poster bundled xD Cover have text.
Date Sep 20, 2008 User Radioactive Rating Safe Score 1
I really like this pic, but... is this highres?
High res has really 2 attributes:

1. High in quality (as in color depth and overall visual acuteness)
2. High dimensions.

This one fits #1
more from this artist in R-you ArtCollection3
I was pushing the edges of what is allowed here with this one...

Seeing as someone has posted a higher-res version it will be deleted later.
Date Sep 21, 2008 User petopeto Rating Questionable Score 43
This guy loves the smudge tool ^^

ps: Not that it's bad. I use it all the time for my colorings.
Date Dec 24, 2007 User Hitou Rating Safe Score 0
ah, sisterly love. they were so cute when they were younger.
Date Aug 18, 2008 User ieiediediedie Rating Safe Score 0
Track no.iRH-03 バレンタイン
Where did all these pictures come from? A ZnT artbook?
about 11 years ago
No, they are the promotional posters that say "BUY THE DVD"
They are from an art book. The new ZnT Louise Portraits came out. That's where the 10 new ones are from as well as no text prints of the old ones.
guess they wont release znt 2/3 eye catches as additional scans... kinda sucks
Date Sep 20, 2008 User petopeto Rating Safe Score 15
Not too bad at all. Most of her drawings, in my eyes have been mediocre lately.
Sadly I'm inclined to agree that some of her work has really gone downhill. Still one of my more favoured artists though.
Date Sep 20, 2008 User admin2 Rating Questionable Score 18
This got slightly damaged too -_-;;