Micr*s*ft Photo App
Looks like Micr*s*ft Photo App was "updated" today or recently and made it impossible on Wind*ws PCs to open a picture file to it's actual size and have it show fullscreen anymore. Does anyone have recommendations for a better photo viewer app?
Im using HoneyView, flexible mode viewer, easy navigation with keyboard or mouse, can view picture from archive without extracting, good for sequential image like manga.
CDisplay Ex when I'm reading entertainment media and illustrations.

Irfanview when I need to do more than view all the image files in a folder (i.e. scanning, editing, batch conversion, etc.).
Thanks for the responses! It set me on the right track to look around. I went with FastStone and it seems to suit my needs. If anyone uses it or has used it in the past and found it to be suspect in any way let me know. Thanks again!
nomacs is the best in my opinion. at the beginning it can be a bit meh, but it's great once you set it up
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll take a look see.
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