[Requesting admin intervention] Unfairly deleted uploads
All my complaints can be seen in the discussion under the first linked upload. Saying those are off topic is complete nonsense especially compared to a lot of the other accepted uploads.

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I hate to deliver you the bad news, but I agree with the mods in this case. Below is the longer version:

The site focuses mostly on the anime art style. Anything that deviates too far from it may be chopped off. Few of your examples provided for the arguments (aside from the landscaping ones, those are usually exceptions) indeed, deviates, but the artist who illustrates them follows the anime art style. We treat them as exceptions.

I'd be willing to give you the exception on one of them but the ugly watermark kills those chances altogether.

Better luck next time?
It's anime style as much if not more than most accepted artwork, so let it be all or nothing. If this is deleted for not being anime enough then nothing should be accepted that is not at all anime style regardless if the artist generally draws in anime style. If a certain artwork is not anime style then it is not anime style and off-topic.
Dick, don't be salty. As I said, I was willing to give you one exception but the ugly watermark, seriously man.
I don't actually see that those are worse than the others he mentioned (and ayyasap, windwalker if I may add, among others).

As for watermark, unless it's added by someone else and not by the original artist, it should be treated similarly as magazine texts (and not like it's covering much of the image anyway).
Yes, up until now only site watermarks were banned, like for example the deviantart logo in the middle of an image and not the artist's own signature and social media.
Why is it that you never bother to follow up on this thread? Why do you complain only after I make the decision to delete those?