Chrome extension to respect the connection limits?
I just got "Abusive bot detected" in Chrome.

Now, I'd been middle-clicking on a bunch of things to open in new tabs, but didn't think that could get me in trouble.

I'm totally ok with waiting the hour to get un-banned, but was wondering if there's a config or something I could set to make sure I don't accidentally trigger things again?
"Too Many Requests

Abusive bot detected, calm down and try again in a hour.

Connection limits: 5 on /image/ and /jpeg/, 5 on /sample/, and 1 on /zip/. Configure download bot correctly or else stay banned.



i get this when i try to load full res images. I think its a mistake? cause damn i browse a lot of lewds sure but, im no damn bot. Also i only get it on some images, like this one .