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The Hentai Studios should produce more of this lovely stuff instead of so much ntr, rape, and so...
Picture is verly lovely , without the tags i would think on the left is Fate Testarossa.
Can anyone say me why in japan the Yuri genre in Hentais are so rare? in almost every second Hentai video there are ntr, rape, bondage, tasteless violence

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi is a masterpiece but why not more? There are so many visual novel Games of this, or more Yuri in general it is one of the most exotic genre
If it can help you, read "orange lips" (i love this one) "Girl friends"/"Secret Girlfriend" is famous but maybe you dont know and "Hanjuku joshi"
Watch "Candy boy" and "Mai HiME", "Sakura Tricks"/"Yuru Yuri" are famous

Oh i've just noticed you want hentai ones ^^'
Well, maybe they are no interest in "love"
It depends on what you call “hentai”: do the Ryū Asagi’s mangas I Want to be Honest (Shōjo Seiiki) or Otome Saku count for it? And Kenn Kurogane’s Shōjo Sect too?

In the ecchi category, you still have Citrus (by SaburoUta), and the more mature Watashi no Sekai wo Kōsei suru Chiri no Yō na Nanika (Shuninta Amano).

And the whole bunch of derived dōjinshis, but they are not original works.