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This pic has a real yaoi feel to it for some reason
bakaneko said:
This pic has a real yaoi feel to it for some reason
Just a guess... but maybe it's Neil and Tieria at the top there giving you this feeling.
yeah it's the pose they're in and the fact that you can't really tell for sure she's a girl if you didn't know
The image says Da Capo, and yet it's tagged with Gundam Seed and Gundam 00? I suppose that they could be the characters listed, but if so, they look very different then they normally do (due to the style of the image). Are we sure that this image is tagged correctly?
those aren't da capo characters - that term is a musical term meaning "from the top" so it could have meaning outside the show by that name.
I think the style resembles yaoi. Either way the picture is very nice!
Oh, I too was fooled by the "Da Capo" inscription.
You sure are clever bakaneko. Do you play a musical instrument?