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See help:dtext for information about formatting used in the wiki and comments. Some usage notes are below.

Spoiler tags can be given a title with [ spoiler=text here ] (remove spaces). However, they will break if there is a line break inside the tag.

Use << url | text >> to alias a URL.

Tag Search Shorthand
Use { {tag1 tag2} } to link to a tag search. You can search for any combination of 1 to 6 tags and metatags separated by spaces, such as { {user:dovac holds:true date:2009-12-26 order:mpixels_asc -rating:e limit:50} } and so on. (Remove the spaces between the brackets)

If you're unsure about something in an image you uploaded, we heartily recommend a short comment pointing this out. This could be anything from asking for artist/source to how to romanize a new anime or character. We'd much rather have you comment like this and give someone with the knowledge the opportunity to help out, rather than leaving it half-finished and having someone go back and clean up the mess you left.

(Based on Danbooru comment wiki)
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