Character: silica

A supporting character in the Sword Art Online series. She first appears in the The Black Swordsmen short story and anime episode. The short story is told from Silica's perspective.

Name: Silica (in-game name)
Normal Gender: Female
Apparent Age: Young Teen
Actual Age (at introduction): 13+
Avatar's Race: Human ALO: Cait Sith
Ear Type: Human
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Light Brown to Brown
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: Twintails
Hair Accessories: A pair of two large hair beads/rings, commonly with a pair of Hair Ribbons
Most Common Outfit Colors: Red with Gold Trim.
Pet: Pina (Feathery Dragon)
Note: Her avatar's physical features are identical to her real life features.
Later in the series she uses an avatar that has some changes in physical features.
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