Double Standard / Inconsistency
There needs to be some clarification on commenting on posts here.

A month ago I was told by Radioactive the following on post #522096:

"Please don't reveal any personal information here, including gender."

Technically I didn't reveal my gender, but that's beside the point. It's perfectly reasonable to not want personal information being posted here, so that's fine. However, several days ago Thorcsf posted some personal information on post #528309, noting the country he lives in and even going so far as to personally ask about moonian's ethnicity. Moonian was careful not to answer directly, but no attempt to caution Thorcsf was made.

Yesterday, Thorcsf went into quite a bit of detail in post #530469 about not only his gender, but even his physical appearance. As expected, there was no warning about revealing personal information.

This leads me to believe that no one actually cares about posting personal information. Unless of course, you make any indication that you are not the target gender for this site. Another curiosity I have is, does this mean our usernames need to be addressed? Surely having anything gender-related is not acceptable. I also scoured the site trying to find a list of the rules on commenting here. Perhaps I overlooked them?

One other thing. There was some tagging discussion on post #531438, and rightfully so. It was pointed out by moonian that "no new tag is needed" for scat, because according to the wiki, extreme_content has the following description:

"Any depiction of mutilation, bodily distension, feces, or bodies that are far outside the realm of normal human proportion."

Well this sounds like the definition of guro to me, and that tag exists in addition to extreme_content. I didn't bother to post about it. Then I found this in the ToS under Prohibited Content:

"Grotesque: Any depiction of extreme mutilation, extreme bodily distension, feces, or bodies that are far outside the realm of normal human proportion (for example, breasts that are as large as the body)."

So not only is there a tag discrepancy here, this type of content isn't even allowed on in the first place. Child pornography and bestiality specify "any photograph or photorealistic drawing or movie", but grotesque does not.

I would hope to see a reasonable discussion on the issues outlined above.
I can't comment on the personal information question as I didn't read most of what was being said.

The static ToS should have been replaced with but no-one ever got round to doing it. It needs reviewing again.
This is more or less the dismissive response I was anticipating.

This place really is the dry husk of what it used to be.
bunnygirl223 said:
This is more or less the dismissive response I was anticipating.

This place really is the dry husk of what it used to be.
How about looking in a mirror and realise the problem lies with you and not the site? Perhaps you need a break. A long one.
Haha, seems like I struck a nerve. The truth hurts, doesn't it.
bunnygirl223 said:
Haha, seems like I struck a nerve. The truth hurts, doesn't it.
Such a shitty attitude. I tried to help you, and that was the response you gave?

Not going to waste any further time here as you are an obvious attention seeker.
Radioactive. Hear me out. We are more alike than you think.

I know your standard formula is to run away when you feel exposed. But I also know that you read the responses anyway, despite declaring that you no longer care. Your facade of apathy fools no one. The truth is you are very passionate about this place, which is why you took my comment so personally.

You probably don't remember me (my username isn't much different), but I was here during the golden era of moe.imouto. Truth be told I didn't remember you until I looked back at the comments on my old account. Back then this website was lively, fun, and served a purpose as high-resolution images of illustrations were harder to come by. Everyone contributed and enjoyed the fact that this place was held to a higher standard than Danbooru.

I was banned back then for my shitty attitude. I admit that I was more abrasive than was necessary because I liked stirring things up. I was an entitled brat and quite frankly deserved it. However, I was banned for the same attitude that you currently show on a regular basis. petopeto, I'm sure you recall that name? He banned me because he saw that my negativity was toxic and he didn't want that kind of environment on this 'booru. Your posts back then weren't exactly chipper, but you were certainly not the bitter, miserable plague that infects today.

You know full well that this site is now an empty shell of its former self, and still you dedicate your time and energy to maintaining it after all of these years. I understand the nostalgia, as I am a very nostalgic person myself. In fact that is the only reason I keep coming back. But at some point you have to look through your comment history and realize how you've changed. You've let your frustration fester and turn you into nothing more than a bully.

I know you're reading this. And I fully expect you to make every effort to pretend that you haven't. But I can only hope that it makes you consider just for a second that maybe you shouldn't be so quick to ignore the feedback that is regularly being given to you. By all means, continue dusting off if that's comforting to you. But a little less hyprocisy and bias would do the website a hell of a lot more good than pseudo-moderating.