Poor Quality Art Deletion
Both images were deleted for poor quality art.
What does that even mean?
Was it resolution.
Did a certain mod not like it for some reason?
Poor quality art is a pretty vague & subjective reason.
The images are pretty good resolution and i'm pretty sure the artwork is fine.
Ehhhh... whatever. I just want a better reason for any future uploads. Thanks.
This site is intended for high quality, and high-resolution art. High quality always trumps high-resolution.

In the case of the artworks you uploaded, they were objectively bad. You didn't need an art degree to tell they were done by an inexperienced artist.

I'm sure there are other artworks on this site that are just as bad, and they should be flagged so the mods can deal with them.
So because you think the art is bad, that means it's bad.
Wouldn't an experienced artist say that all art is subjective therefore it's up to several people to judge it, not just one.

Stating that the art is bad and the artist is inexperienced is an opinion, not a fact, so removing the images because you don't like them is just you forcing your opinion and stating it as a fact.
Ehhh, what can i do though, I've said all i can.
The mod obviously agreed with me, so it was deleted. Just move on, and find some better artwork.