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330239 4668.1 UC episode 7 no hisho-san Inferno 09/23/15 Revert
326163 4659.4 Deeper!! Mr_GT 09/20/15 Revert
326163 4659.3 Deeper!! number86 09/12/15 Revert
326833 4652.2 HMS Rodney qiao7-v 09/05/15 Revert
266631 4667.1 How are you doing in the lingering summer heat? NotarySojac 08/27/15 Revert
309600 4666.1 Go-good luck, good luck... NotarySojac 08/27/15 Revert
295205 4574.2 Kagura Mikazuchi (Fairy Tail) lunasea2012 08/26/15 Revert
328877 4665.2 The last conscience. moonian 08/23/15 Revert
328877 4665.1 The last conscience. moonian 08/23/15 Revert
301564 4320.2 It's making me sweat. Manabi 08/22/15 Revert
301564 4319.2 Even though it's autumn, it's so hot. Manabi 08/22/15 Revert
127440 1991.2 Ryoutsu Kankichi lunasea2012 08/22/15 Revert
263779 3371.6 春野サクラ Sakura Haruno <tn>Naruto</tn> lunasea2012 08/22/15 Revert
263779 3372.4 ナミ Nami <tn>One Piece</tn> lunasea2012 08/22/15 Revert
235577 2635.3 Hoshino Erika @Garden lunasea2012 08/22/15 Revert
210526 3130.4 ていんくる TINKLE 蒼雪の灯 Sosetsu no akari (The Light of Blue Snow) こんにちは、ていんくると言います。 「日本」をテ一マにということでしたので、私にとっての日本の少女のイメ一ジを形にしてみました。 日本の少女は現実的に考えると現代の女子高生的な女の子か、逆に昔の着物の日本人形的な姿を想像するのですが、今回は現実ではない私の理想の日本の少女を描きました。 それは、衣装は着物のようでありながらレ一スやフリルをふんだんに使い、世界は雪の降る夜の竹林のようでありながらも、透き通る竹が水面から生えている世界で、その冷たく静かな美しい世界で一人舞う、あくまで「私にとって」ですが、それが私の理想とする日本の少女のイメージです。 でも本質の部分はそういった外見の部分でなくて少女の内面の部分にあると思うので、それが伝わリましたらとても幸せです。 Hello, my name is TINKLE. The theme is Japan so I decided to create the image I have of a young Japanese girl. If you think about Japanese girls realistically, you have either contemporary high school girls or alternatively traditional girls in kimono, like Japanese dolls, however I decided not to be realistic and instead depict my ideal girl. Her clothes are reminiscent of a kimono but consist of lace and frills, the setting appears to be a nocturnal bamboo grove in the snow but the bamboo is translucent and grows up from the surface of the water. A single figure dances through this cold, silent, yet beautiful world, and while this is a strictly personal opinion, she is the image of a perfect Japanese girl. However, her true quality lies not in her external appearance, but in her inner being and I hope that I have been able to transmit this to you all. lunasea2012 08/22/15 Revert
236111 4663.2 The Seed Planter Rei'sdeletedゲルググ 08/21/15 Revert
236111 4664.1 Again and again until conception. Rei'sdeletedゲルググ 08/21/15 Revert
236111 4663.1 The Seed Planting Man Rei'sdeletedゲルググ 08/21/15 Revert
182872 4662.1 undead ksam 08/16/15 Revert
232513 4661.2 (empty) (deleted) 315743540@qq.com 08/16/15 Revert
232513 4661.1 (empty) 315743540@qq.com 08/16/15 Revert
3439 4660.3 Suzuka-chan, I met Hayate-chan at the library. pfeil 08/15/15 Revert
3439 4660.2 Suzuka-chan, I met with Hayate-chan at the library. pfeil 08/15/15 Revert
3439 4660.1 Suzuka-chan, I met with Hayate-chan at the library. pfeil 08/15/15 Revert