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crease misaka_mikoto screening seifuku shirai_kuroko to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun to_aru_majutsu_no_index

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What is the purpose of this tag? If an image has a fault tag, it'll need fixing.
fixme lets people know which images still need to be fixed.
Typically I go by wither it has a parent/child to work out if its fixed.
fixme should be for non-descrip faults, like a request for detext or unbinding damage.
Fixme is a general fault term. We have enough fault tags for each of the reasons for an image to be tagged as such.

At the moment, i'm not sure what to do with the tag yet. We're 19 strong so far :)
Fixme+other fault tags=Need to be fix
Only other fault tags=We have fixed version already or it can't be fixed
Binding discoloration and scanning artifacts can't be fixed. (well..binding disc can be reduced but the pita isn't worth it really). Fixme is stuff that can be fixed like fireattack said. On another note..i'm for starting to check and delete heavy faults like binding discoloration because..that stuff can't be fixed and it's terrible.
With patience some binding discolouration can be.
Your own wiki says scanning artifacts can be fixed, at least partly
I think If there are estimated techniques, and anyone can fix it after learned them, them add fixme. if they need highly personal skills, or unknown techniques, them leave them not adding fixme.
It would be OK if 'fixme' was being used as you say. It hasn't been since it was first created, and usage appears fairly random.

Needs to be reviewed.
need a wallpaper version of this wonderful scan.