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ummm...I think it's a girl....
sort of reminds me of the girl from Boogiepop Phantom, Is that what this is from?
宮下藤花 from ブギーポップは笑わない
Chikane said:
ummm...I think it's a girl....
May it be a boy......hahahahaha.....
don't worry, if he was confirmed as a boy, I don't forget to add trap tag.
her name is toka miyashita, the main female character from boogiepop series. she is indeed female yet her alternate personality boogiepop seems to be male. but this is indeed female.
I think Boogiepop/Miyashita is so perfectly done! (because of the characteristics you just mentioned Roschach. The Depiction of this Duality is amazing...especially because as "Toka", she looks beautiful and femenine).
There are these 2 Mangas (Boogiepop Dual: Looser's Circus...the Art is from Masayuki Takano though) where Boogiepop takes the body of a boy (he still looks more "androginous" when Boogiepop takes over), and i really think it looses a bit of charm (thank god all the other Stories are with Toka <3 )