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After a while, I've finally got my AIR DVDs (yes, the original ADV stuff, movie and OVAs included).

Oh my, I can't believe the series is like +4 years old, but it still looks great. This is like the feeling I get from a lot of 80s animes (years don't really affect them). Unfortunately, my PS3 only supports R4 DVDs, so I can't watch them in upscaled 1080p resolution :(
I picked them up from a couple places - 2 used, 2 new, but overall a good price. I watched it in Japanese, but haven't actually watched the English dub.
I am too biased against english dubs, so don't count my opinion seriously... I didn't quite like it.
I loved Air. It's so sad and it made me think a lot...
I want to see it again, ne =W=
Why do you give me temptations to see it again? ¬¬
Your issue, not mine :P I just imported the stuff.
I have watched AIR three times,but every time,it still made me sad a lot.
and my name just for her