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Kodomo Milk Parfait
Full Colored Book
ass censored hasegawa_ai kodomo_milk_parfait loli misooden naked_apron nipples sakurai_aya shiritsu_sakuranbo_shougakkou

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Either high-quality AM screening (this pool) and FM screening (pool #1283) are applied the same action stated on http://moe.imouto.org/forum/show/6834 (NW's settings are a bit weakened)
No manual masking for the efficiency of editing.

if you copy that action, you can get the same result from most of doujinshis (not low-quality commercial mags) which haven't paper textures.
Thank you Midzki ! Another great high quality post. Even better, it's loli.
I had been searching for a while for kodomo milk parfait, thanks to you now I can have it in hi res!