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is this even a koihime musou char?
She's cute~ These colors are so adorably mixing~

Noizi Ito's drawings are disturbingly simple. Take a look at post #119156
Ok, it's so cute, but looks like it was done in half an hour. The eyes aren't even shaded or something. Just plain red with white balls. Also, look at the hair shading and the bottom of her dress. She just got a giant soft brush and ploof! One click is enough.

(Not that I'm complaining. All Noizi stuff is so pretty and awesome, it doesn't matter if fast-finished or not. It's not like that other person, a1)
This one is a personal favorite of mine too. I have to agree that Noizi Ito's style is on the simple side sometimes, though the more recent examples have more detail and shading.