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The best but also the worst image in this art book.
Said the worst because it's quality looks horrible...
I don't see Sayaka here.

It can't clearly be the best ;)

No more Pia pictures in that artbook?
Sayaka is the best, but Noemi is the best of the best.

That's all for pia series, oh wait, there are still some line arts at the last few pages, will be uploaded soon. Perhaps you can find more pia pics from it's visual fan book, but that one is really hard to get at today I think.
Uh... Visual what?

Didn't know that existed. I think the closest things I've got are the Pia illustrations I downloaded from AP and uploaded here.

Those are same pics from this book but may be scanned by AP admin self? What I said is this one: ...well I dont know how to post a link correctly in here, but looks like my attempt was failed...you can easily find it at online shop like amazon by typing key words like pia オフィシャルファンブック.
Dunno where these Pia pics came from, I just watched, liked and uploaded <3


Aren't there more Pia stuff? ;__;
Thanks <3 *is downloading them all now*