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Debbie said:
Is this anime nice?
I have the same question.
Index leaves you hanging. Railgun leaves you wanting more.
Index keeps going from story arc to story arc as it covers the books, so it actually has story and moves forward. Railgun tends to be more episodic. It also seems to be somewhat more focused on the comedy, such that in general, I'd say that Index is an action/drama with comedy while Railgun is a comedy with action/drama. Now, Railgun may improve as you get into it, but I gave up on it after episode 8 or so. I decided to just wait until the BD versions went up and watch it all at once. It was just too boring in comparison to Index.

So, I guess that it depends on what you're looking for. They're both good at least some of the time, but from what I've seen, Index is more consistently good - if nothing else because it's not particularly episodic.
Index is probably worth a watch. Railgun is something for the slow days.
Thank you very much. I shall watch Index. Are the characters all the same?
They're telling some of the same stuff and/or stuff that happens at the same time as each other. So, there's some overlap. The main character of Railgun is one of the major characters in Index and shows up fairly frequently in Index, but she isn't an integral part of most of Index. The main character of Index shows up periodically in Railgun but not much. The story in Index which focuses on Railgun's main character likely has a fair bit of Index's main character when Railgun tells that part of the story, but I haven't seen that part yet, so I can't say for sure how much he shows up there.

Basically, Railgun focuses on one of the fairly major side characters of Index and has some overlap, but it's definitely focusing on different stuff.
Debbie said:
Thank you very much. I shall watch Index. Are the characters all the same?
Each has some of its own, but none are doing one thing in one and another in the other.
I love the Anime's concept, but i don't think it lived up to its potential.
some things just annoy me, like toumas preachy speachy attitude, or the fact that he spoiler