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I usually don't like being all strict with vectors... but this one looks weird. Specially the lines.
I don't remember anything feeling off at the time.. unlike times I've done JC Staff hands.
hands and feet are difficult to get right and there's nothing really wrong with the lines either, except that they all seem to be strokes, and there are certain people with funny ideas out there who would have a stroke if anyone used strokes :P
I saw no reason for the double line, it was just extra time and hassle. I forget when I went from a 1-2px double to single 1.5px though.
No one noticed until now, and they aren't in order on imouto anymore.
By the time it's gone from Wx768m -> Wx2500 they aren't 1.5 anymore though. (m being a multiplier for the ones that took a series of caps)
don't worry too much though, some people just like to nitpick.
nevermind my comment then.

It may be because I'm not really that fond of Higurashi 1's really... erh... exotic art.
yeah, i wasn't that fond of the first season's art either