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feet momo_velia_deviluke nopan pajama tail to_love_ru transparent_png vector_trace

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ryusaki like or you do the lineart me please Please provide some tutorial of this style is that you are cool

ps: translation by google
I know sai, but are not the same quality as this
These come from moeren right? I guess they have their methods.
I can do (e.g. post #108122). but I just linked to videos because I don't think I can explain it for him in understandable English (´・ω・`)
doing lineart that way is easy enough to do... hell, even adobe illustrator can do it
Whats the best program for Black-White Mangascans (like the one above) ? I really trying hard with this picture as a testsubject http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/5781/rawbunko10.png but coloring ends bad and quality isn't given.