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astraea ikaros loli naked noda_yasuyuki nymph sora_no_otoshimono

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can't add this scan to my favorites, what's wrong?

nevermind, i favorited it.
The SnO girls really like doing various random things naked, don't they? Picking apples, playing baseball, sledding, skydiving, flying, you name it.
dayoflayo said:
Can't add to my favorite too
Hit the 3 (three) key
But why is "Add to favorites" button broken?..
<.< No love for the girl with ribbons?
convenient censoring
^_^ sora no otoshimono is gettin pretty good, im glad the artists are taking a liking to it.

Btw, i typed this message, favorited this pic, and lotsa other things all on my ipod touch ^_^. Kinda off topic, but this site works beautifully with ipod touches, except when you put your finger on the pic to scroll, things get wierd.
dandan550 said:
Is this Eden?
When the first sin begin here...
Those are some nice apples!