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um... sploosh? Its hard to tell her what motivation for such an intense turn on is... does she orgasm from getting surprised from behind? perhaps i just don't know the source material enough to understand, but from what i can tell, either she is having one of the worlds gushiest (and from her expression also unexpected) orgasms, or she is beginning a spider-lady transformations and is in the midst of spinning her nest. Artwork wise this is decent with the coloring and shading, but her left hand is either incomplete, or she's some kind of Doll/Marionette, The outfit is nice and skimpy, and her pose is enticing, but the crevice shading on her back is... odd. Don't get me wrong this is interesting, decently lined and colored, and she has an intriguing expression on her face, which only makes this inspire more questions about who she is, and whats really going on here, but having those questions have left me feeling like this could use a little more polish. I give it an B for coloring, pose, and basic feel of the piece, but a C for presentation. Don't take it personally though as I'm not in any way a credited critic, and perhaps there are others who will enjoy this with higher praise, it just inspired me to give you my honest opinion. :P
Imo... Its a trap ^_^ The crumpling of the outfit seems to fit in a sense that the outfit is being pulled back down. It seems to be more of a look of satisfaction rather then a look of surprise. Which would give a much needed explanation as to why they are pulling there outfit back down from completion.

The shading on the shoulders seems to be right on track as well, as that would suggest the arms are in the right position for being that there muscles are in motion which I find to be rather interested in as you don't tend to find a lot of people that can make you think they are in motion with such a static pose. Most times you see motion its a "freeze frame" of a motion already in progress, this feels more like it was a "snapshot" that was part of a continuing motion.

I still say its a trap. The lines near the chest, while blocked by the arm, seem to not entirely suggest breasts, but in fact seem to continue straight up. Just saying.
she's a character from tales of hearts on the ds. and she's just your basic female protagonist...
She's not a trap. There's a wikipedia page on the game ( ), and it talks about Kohak Hearts and does indeed specify that she is a she.

If she's about to remove her clothes for more sexual activity, it's probably because she now wants to actually have sex with whatever male just came on her behind rather than just having him cum on her behind.