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ah, old school digimon - before they put all the "suck" into it.
is it just me or their face is..... kinda got old? ^^;
Digimon 2 was still great, I think...
I like all Digimons on earth :D
*still in childhood, sorry*
Dunno about you, but I can't recognize these dudes by their original names.

I stick with Tai, Kari, Matt, TK and Izzy lolololol
I haven't watched the others, that's why I don't like them, lol.
I remember I liked the Digimon 2 protagonist, and I hated that TK was always ruining everything for him with Karen. Lul.
Here they were called Davis (main dude), Yolei (girl with glasses) and Cody (small guy)
Season one was very well written and characterized, Season 2 had a weak plot and weak writing staff but engaging characters and an interesting concept, Season 3 was well written, well characterized, and just a bit dark, Season 4 was very different from it's predecessors in only the one way but other than that was an interesting plot, well put together story, and fun characters, Season 5 had a bit of a shotty animation budget and some of the characters were a bit ridiculously unrealistic (see Tohma) but none the less it had interesting twists, cool characters, and could make you cry just the same, Season 6 was a bit low on character depth and focused a bit to strongly on action but was entertaining and fun, Season 7 was an all time low for character development, being almost entirely fluffy hijinks with Digimon but after the drama that occurred in 6 it was a nice cool down period.

Digimon is Digimon is Digimon, it's a great series and always worth the watch =3