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aragaki_ayase chibi kousaka_kirino mascot-chan megane ore_no_imouto_ga_konnani_kawaii_wake_ga_nai seifuku toni transparent_png yandere

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If you guys want a real yandere, I nominated either Rena or Yuno as a candidate.
She is a good yandere IMO, I just think she could have a bit more bangs haha. Like the old Moe Imouto-chan.
Well probably we won't have any new characters, will we? I hope a new server move isn't necessary haha.
(it looks like this domain was donated, right? Idk exactly how this works but yay, congrats moe)
I do admit that Yuno would have been a good choice too, haha.
I love this! (・∀・)
I didn't particularly like Ayase in the series but I have to admit that she fits perfectly the "yande.re" with both Moe-chan and Kirino. Good job~
I loved ayase until the moment she showed her yanderu-side and I was shoked and disgusted. This picture sure opened up old wounds, lol.
Fits perfectly and its a good picture. Like that we're sticking with the Oreno Imouto theme.
Haha I honestly love it, and honestly I love her Yandere side, she never actually killed someone so that's a bonus~ Just handcuffed em to her bed~
Kosba2 said:
Just handcuffed em to her bed~
In the novels? For real? o__O Her yandere side is even scarier than I thought by watching the anime...
this picure is so 可愛い !! x)
The representative for yande.re...