crossover dress fate/stay_night heels kara_no_kyoukai kokutou_azaka kuonji_alice mahou_tsukai_no_yoru pantyhose toono_akiha toosaka_rin tsukihime tsukikanade

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Yeeee, i hope someone do translate this master piece...
How I wish that it can be used as a wallpaper but it's size......><
I hope this one and the other pic drawn by Koyama and Takeuchi will have bigger size... They are gorgeous.
This can't be Akiha... the volume doesn't match!
No way she is as big as Alice or Rin!
This is amazing they all look lovely especially alice and rin. I love them all they look fantastic and those lovely legs yum!!
It definately is Akiha, her dress matches the one she's wearing in the third season advertisement for Carnival Phantasm (Where they're all in evening dresses) Rin's does too :)