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Whatever is on that plate frightens me a great deal...
tatsujin said:
Is that jelly? Lmao.
i think its a fruit o_O

anyway *Ahhhhh*
They're called tomatoes. (See pasta tomatoes and basil recipe). Other than that, the artist didn't a completely wrong depiction of Italian girls there so it is not that bad. Maybe not as moe...
looks more like watermelon
MG127 said:
looks more like watermelon
Who would have watermelon on spaghetti? I've still no idea what the artist is trying to draw.
totty said:
The word "tomato".
Compare the tomato in the bowl to the left with the one on the fork.
Looks like red square shaped lychee :P
In the salad, there are cherry tomatoes (cut in halves or quarters) and normal tomatoes in the big plate, as far as I can tell.