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ass_grab bra breasts censored houjou_karen matsugawa nipples pantsu sex the_idolm@ster the_idolm@ster_cinderella_girls

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I think that this pic is an example of why ass_grab should not have an implication of ass (since her ass is facing away from the "camera," making the ass tag inappropriate), but it looks like you need mod permissions to delete implications, so I can't do it.
That is correct there kalessin, only mods and admins have the abilities to approve and disapprove of implications. The implication stands because both "usually" are together especially when ass_grab is there. Unless there are many many exceptions i'll be leaving the implications alone for the time being.
By the way, with regards to implications, I've been wondering, why on earth aren't character tags set up to implicate the copyright tags that they go with? Some copyright tags would still have to be entered explicitly - e.g. when multiple copyright tags are applicable (like with the idolm@ster cinderella girls in this image) - but it's almost always the case that at least one particular copyright tag is implied by a character tag. Yet no such implications exist in the system AFAIK. Is it because it requires a mod or admin to set them up (meaning more work for them)?
If you have been here long enough, you'd know we take it easy.
Any user can add implications. First they sit in a queue awaiting approval by a mod. Once approved, they are automatically applied to every relevant existing and new post.
As far as setting up hatsune_miku --> vocaloid for example, it seems like a good idea. Just no one has bothered to do it yet.
Because it's not worth. It will mess up the implication list, completely.
If the implications were more organized it'd be more efficient at other tasks. Our current system is just a vertical list... >.>
Since you really do need to add the copyright tags when you add the character tags, I think that such implications make perfect sense, and I'd be inclined to think that it would be a good idea to add them to the implication list, but if the mods don't want that, then I guess that it's not going to happen. I was just surprised that it hadn't happened already, and the only reason that I could think of would be the extra work required in maintaining the implication list (though it would reduce the amount of work required in maintaining the tags themselves).

If you really don't want to do it, it's certainly not the end of the world (we've been functioning fine without them), but I don't understand what about it would mess up the implication list given that character tags definitely imply copyright tags conceptually, even if they aren't listed that way in the system right now. It seems like an obvious thing to do with the implication list.
If you want to add them, you are free to do so, they could be approved.
Also, remember our priority on tagging, which could be taken as reason for not being so diligent on these matters.
- Artist
- Fault / Blacklist tags
- Copyrights
- Circles / Companies
- Normal tags
- Characters
Until there is auto implication list otherwise to add thousands of characters into the list is just a pain, tagging is much easier w/ auto complete system.

Apparently if you only added *some* of them, it helps little. Because ppl will not be sure which one would add copyright automatically, which one won't. If you are going to add ALL the characters? Good luck.

Not to mention sometimes exception exists.
And if you're going to change anything that big, we need a forum thread and give it at least 1 week to discuss.

I apologize for the to_heart_(series) by the way, which needs more discussion before we implement it.