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i m sure this is a photoshop product. =)
Looks pretty damned good to me...
ya, why say its bad? its just about perfect.
It tries to look "real", which just looks strange and ugly, like pasting in a real face or something.
I'm just not seeing how it looks too "real". If you are referring to the detail of the labia, it makes sense that it is flowered out because her pose and facial expression indicate arousal. The style even matches the breasts - unrealistically "puffy". Also, the shading and highlighting is spot on. It is certainly an outstanding job.
It is certainly an outstanding job.
I'm going to disagree on that point. The 'shopping doesn't match the rest of the artwork. I've seen much better photoshop attempts.
well, i think it's very well done (not perfect), after seeing the original you can tell that it wasn't easy... if you check it closely you can tell right away that it's a shoped pic, but the overall looks very good
Love it, it's sooooo sexy. ^_^ this is why people prefer hentai over treditional porn
你们都在say English.我看不懂