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aneimo aneimo_2_h's bra breasts fixme nipples nopan pantsu shinonome_kazuhiko shirakawa_saori shirt_lift undressing

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My first upload. =D I stitched and cleaned as best I could. There's still some weird patterning going on with the right leg and right arm. It becomes more obvious when you resize. Bugs the hell out of me but I couldn't eliminate it. Hope somebody enjoys it.
Maybe bleed through? Does the other side of the page have that pattern on it? Or is it not your scan? If it is a black or dark colored piece of paper helps to eliminate that when you scan. Seems like it's a checker board pattern and you can see it on the top near where you stitched it together, but only the left side seems to have it.
They're not my scans. I found them here though.