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breast_hold hakamada_hinata kashii_airi kawai_jun loli megane minato_tomoka misawa_maho nagatsuka_saki pantsu ro-kyu-bu! topless

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Why does Airi so scared of growing up and bigger breast? It brings sexy, feminine and attractive to her, aren't those things a girl's expect?
She didn't like being tall either, so it's more of a complex--something you aren't going to reason away easily. At her current age she probably only sees it as being something that makes her different and excludes her from other groups, though by the end of the series I don't think she has as much of a problem with it and she'll probably think of it differently when she gets to middle school.
For one thing, girls at Airi's height in Japan are bound to be bullied, sometimes even in high school.
But her 170cm in elementary or middle school certainly calls for being called a freak.
Though fortunately, most anime girls don't have to experience that.

Also cute and small is another side of feminine and attractive too.
zhufei said:
you sure Airi got a height of 170cm???? the data shown in the anime was Secret
There was somewhere showing that she's 169.9cm. Which was probably also a lie from her part, so she's probably taller than that.