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loli maebari naked nymph pasties sora_no_otoshimono thighhighs watanabe_yoshihiro

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Isn't she spoiler now?
I take it not in any positive sense...
Considering she was a spoiler, she was spoiler

Edit: use spoilers please
First off: Good lord this is so much awesome.

Second...not sure how to use spoiler tags here (is it bracketed spoil, or spoiler?), so all I'll say is that Novalisk and Classicjelly's spoiler is no longer the case.
novalisk said:
Isn't she spoiler now?
You know putting a spoiler tag on one word when the rest of the sentence only ever points to that word is kind of pointless...
I'm starting to miss the times when these magazines still did lolis for their poster illustrations.