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Their breast sizes are almost the same, unlike nowaday animes that makes characters with obviously different breasts. This anime was created in an era when breast wasn't an audiences' very focus.
Actually.. it's just a different type of anime. There are next to no anime nowadays, that are like this one. Most supposedly romantic anime are pretty ecchi. This one - I'd say - is rather not.

I like the clear eyes. Nevertheless this looks more like a drawing of the new Sailor Moon "Crystal". The old artworks are different (I've got the old artbooks ^^; ).
Nardack could have (should have?) been the official character design for Crystal. For the animation adaptation anyway, obviously the original is set in stone. The feeling of the show is captured perfectly in this style.
Slayers came out the same time, remember Lina bust jokes, especially Naga? New Cutey Honey, remember the big bust sizes on Rei and Asuka in Eva.