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This is meant to be a fixup/replacement for post #306408.

306408 was tuned more for sharpness in the eyes which are not the smallest feature. This caused halo'ing in smaller lines in the hair. This one fixes that, at the expense of larger features (like the eyes) being less sharp).

This one, also, has reduced the green cast present in the original.
sharpness is fine, contrast is not and the color seems a bit wrong too. There's some screening left which is ok though.
_Astara said:
I posted a new scan
Progress. It's much better better in terms of it now not being extremely oversharpened, and more detail present.

There are still a few issues though, yet since you didn't extremely oversharpen it's possible to resolve them:

Magenta Shadows
The main problem is the neutral shadow and midtones tones turning magenta. In the rock shadow to the right side of her head by her ear, even the grass tips which should be green turned magenta.

Underfiltered Midtones & Shadows
There are crosshatch luma & color noise patterns all over in the midtones and shadows which are visible at 100%, which is why the filesize is still so massive. You really should run one more pass of denoising at the end to get rid of it.

Color Tone & Oversaturation

It would seem you modified the overall color tone and saturation considerably from the colors of your raw crop. This is part of the reason you ended up with purple tone issue.

ICC profile
You're attaching your Dell ICC profile to these images, rather then converting to something standard like sRGB or AdobeRGB.

Black crush
As someone pointed out in comments. "The shadows are too dark"

You still went a bit too strong when sharpening, since there are some small faint halos around the lineart. I thought it was strange my color corrected version showed signs of sharpening when I didn't sharpen at all myself, only to discover the halos were actually from this post. They really are not too bad, but you really don't want any halos at all with massive scans such as this since they cause issues when downscaling with any resizer except bilinear.

I've uploaded a fixed version as Post #306639 (deleted)
*Eliminated the magenta problem
*Additional denoise pass to remove the crosshatch problem
*Tweaked colors and saturation to match your raw crop closely
*sRGB ICC profile


v2b Post #306720 (held)
*Increase gamma to fix black crush as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is one issue which can't be completely fixed since the upper rock shadow no longer have any detail. You must have clipped black a bit too much while leveling this scan.
*Minor skew correction and crop
*Manually remove a few dust specks
*Reduce sharpening halos from source somewhat
The fixed one's post # is? (i.e. 306639 is missing?)

The Dell ICC should be close to an AdobeRGB. If your viewing
Software processes tagged images and is aware of your monitor's profile, it should be able to map it to exactly what I see.

I can probably use AdobeRGB, but theoretically, unless your monitor is calibrated to AdobeRBG (then any viewing software should make it look the same), it would lose more to convert to a 3rd party standard, than if your software processes tagged images and is calibrated to your monitor.

If your monitor isn't calibrated with some 3rd party device, then its impossible to know how it will display -- since it seems to be the case that most sRGB-sync-claimed monitors aren't (they may have been when they left the factory, but monitors drift as they age. A monitor that is > 12-18 months from factory is essentially unsync'ed from a factory point of view and AFAIK, can't be synced without some external device (X-rite (I think those are more expensive), and Sypder model (usually less expensive but haven't priced it lately).

Magenta-shadows -- I see in the rock shadow a bit... including the grass tips that are in the shadow. Um... crosshatch luma and noise?? ERRRRG...where are you seeing these???

If I could see what you are using as the smallest visible detail AND those cross hatches, I could possible blur or filter to eliminate the cross hatches, but if I can't see them?

As far as altering color balance -- that's subjective, but I've seen an overgreening effect in some other SAO prints I've scanned in.

@shezza- contrast is 'not fine'... too much, too low?.. What type of monitor -- do you calibrate it for any application or optimize of some application?...Have you measured the gamma on your monitor? Do you know what it is? As for color? wrong = ?? what are you comparing it to (previous scan, or to anime or other?) I was focusing on facial tones -- how do those look to you?
The fixed one's post # is? (i.e. 306639 is missing?)
I deleted it, since it seems there really is a significant black crush not of my doing in the source which became more noticeable once I reduced the saturation. Since it seems you clipped this scan somewhat, there is a limit to how much it can be fixed after the fact. Post #306720 increased the gamma as much as shadow detail would allow, but this may be something you'd need to fix yourself assuming the raw scan itself isn't clipped.

About the icc profile, it goes back to usually wanting to use sRGB since that is the default colorspace for the web. In the past, scans being sRGB only was enforced on yande.re to avoid incorrect display in web browsers. Nowadays more stuff is color managed, so it probably doesn't matter as much. Yet using a standard profile of some kind when you perform your edits would still be recommended.

Whatever your choice of gamut ultimately ends up being, just remember to perform all of your filtering at 16bit color, and only dither down to 8bit as the very last step. This goes a long way to preventing color banding.

Magenta-shadows -- I see in the rock shadow a bit... including the grass tips that are in the shadow.
The gun metal, shoes, pants, hair ornament, and rock shadows have a lot of blue & magenta in them.

Um... crosshatch luma and noise?? ERRRRG...where are you seeing these???
Areas like the shoes and pants should be obvious, but it is really all over.

As far as altering color balance -- that's subjective, but I've seen an overgreening effect in some other SAO prints I've scanned in.
It should be objective to some extent, since normally you should try to match the general appearance of the original print.

@shezza- contrast is 'not fine'... too much, too low?
As mentioned above, there is black crush. You seem to have clipped some of the shadow detail, too much contrast.