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bathing honda_ritsuko miyamori_aoi naked nipples ogasawara_rinko okitsu_yuka photoshop pubic_hair shirobako towel yano_erika yasuhara_ema

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This photoshop is ... impressive
Someone remove those pubes plz, they look horrible.
I make the point of not looking at nude photoshops but this is awful.
AZD-A9S said:
Who in this world photoshops the towels off but decides to add hair?
That person better have a hair fetish...
the answer: someone who doesn't know what the anatomy of a given region looks like
This image is quite normal. The pubes are wet, hence the thick bunching and sagging. 99.99% of humans look just like this, unless they shave, which actually increases the odds of infection...
zaude93 said:
Virgin confirmed.
You are SO~ wrong.
are we really discussing pubic hair? yes we are.
Sorry Debbie.
oh? you werent supposed to apologize to me, i think, dear AZD... thank you so much for your concerns regarding that, you really took it seriously and im glad for that. you are truly a kind person, please dont feel bad!
i didnt mean to insult anybody, im sorry if i did so. and yeah offending people is not very nice, but well, sometimes we just misinterpret or let something slip or get mad and... well, on my part, its all right.

my objective commenting here was to raise awareness, only that. i hope everyone is ok and thought better about it a bit.