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amagi_brilliant_park bikini breast_hold chuujou_shiina cleavage latifah_fleuranza sento_isuzu swimsuits tsunoda_yuuki undressing

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Why the hell can't they at least look a bit into how small breasts work? Are they that intent on shitting up Latifa?
Come on dude, stop complaining for every pic with Latifa on it. Don't like it then don't bother with it...
I'm complaining because a great design is being ruined just because they don't feel like putting any effort into drawing her.
The question comes up, why feature her at all then?
Yes. but this isn't really the right place at all for that. It's not like any of the authors of all of the related pictures presents here (don't tell me I have the wrong idea and some really do come here). We know your feelings already, so you don't really need to show that in every pic. It's not hard to leave some stuffs alone. Peace =)
To make things short : Nova's a lolicon.
She's still cute though. I really don't see a problem.
The problem is that they made sure to depict her as an inferior being, and not putting any effort into her bodies.
Yes, I'm a lolicon. So it will bother me when I see her design being ruined by all the artists, that only care about Sento.
Just look at it this way:
Inori's concept art
Inori as seen in the anime
I know it's not the same character, but that's butchering at it's finest. The original artist probably took lots of time to design her, and now it's being butchered and degraded by the official art. What a disgrace!
Nova-kun is a Hentai but I understand his feelings tho lol
It's not that the artist can't draw.
It's just that all he focuses on and puts detail into is Sento. Latifa is drawn hastily and without any details to her whatsoever, it just shows how the artist didn't care about her at all.
But I guess that's true to the series, and most of its fans too, so yeah, why do I even care.
Now i see it. True. I think they could up the quality of her.
blah blah ... someone having a problem ... blah blah
I've cleaned up the comments. Next time, please ask in the forums if you have issues.
gibwar said:
I've cleaned up the comments. Next time, please ask in the forums if you have issues.
Sorry man, no real need to be sassy, but I don't use the social aspect of this site very often, it's not exactly clearly advertised that I'm not supposed to ask about things like in picture comments. :/

But thank you for the guidance, I'll be on my way to the forums.