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animal_ears aruruu inumimi mitsumi_misato seifuku touka utawarerumono wallpaper

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Wow... This image is old... XD
But I like it so much <3
Maybe this is Amaduyu Tatsuki's? It's very similar... Hihi.
danbooru tag it with "mitsumi misato".

IMO, I believe it's mitsumi's. :P
I thought this was Amaduyu Tatsuki's because he had drawn way more Aruruu and Eruruu fan arts than Mitsumi Misato, but looking again at it, it is really more similar to Mitsumi Misato. Thank you!
Removed the "eruruu" tag; Eruruu is the older sister, and is absent from this image, while the younger, Aruruu, is the one present with Touka.