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animal_ears ass bunny_ears bunny_girl cleavage d.va fishnets liang_xing megane mei_(overwatch) mercy_(overwatch) no_bra nopan overwatch pantyhose pharah symmetra_(overwatch) tail thighhighs tracer widowmaker zarya

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Hilariously the so called "trap" isn't a trap at all. Though I wished the artist had kept Zarya buffed.
Radioactive said:
Wouldn't that be a reverse_trap ?
The one at the center-right has something that female should not have.
It's Tracer, there's no trap here. One that's missing is Symmetra.
Symmetra is the 2nd from the right
Radioactive said:
Nope, still don't see 'it'
My miss.
Those pants and her left leg's positioning fooled me.