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I should be more beautiful than that!
Make me more beatuiful!
More! More!
I want to take the picture again...
That cameraman can't handle this!
Constrict this part.
Slim the arm (nears the heart's side).
Sharpen the border of jaw.
Bulid up the catching light of eyes.
Emphasize the cleavage.
Soften the oily look on the nose.
Take the frizz.
bikini cleavage gi(a)rlish_number ibata_shouta karasuma_chitose_(giarlish_number) swimsuits

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fireattack said:
Please mark the textless version as parent
Already done by someone else by the time I read your comment, and so proceeded to swap the remaining ones in the same batch that hadn't been done yet.
Yeah I did part of them.

It's not really hard to swap them, but by doing so in first go, it can save some time for everyone.