animal_ears archer_of_red armor assassin_of_red_(fate/apocrypha) cleavage dress fate/apocrypha fate/stay_night heels jeanne_d'arc jeanne_d'arc_(fate) karna_(fate) pointy_ears rider_of_red_(fate/apocrypha) shirou_kotomine_(fate/apocrypha) sieg_(fate/apocrypha) spartacus_(fate) stockings sword thighhighs weapon william_shakespeare_(fate) yaobin_yang

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Tried to merge some extra fate character tags, and soon realized how big the mass is. Luckily, danbooru has an active on-going project to "fix" this problem. Will keep these "rider of red" type tags as-is until they got a conclusion.

In the meanwhile, feel free to leave suggestions here, or on forum #22465, but please do NOT mass edit tags without discussion. (You shouldn't do it manually regardless; always make a tag alias request instead. Otherwise there will be things like deleted posts, held posts left behind.)