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Is this going to be an anime?
It's a part of different novels, being a side story to the original one.

Taken from wiki:
A light novel series, Mobile Suit Gundam 00P was serialized in Dengeki Hobby Magazine and centers around the previous generation of Gundam Meisters. Set 15 years before the anime series, 00P features events that happened before the main story. It is penned by Tomohiro Chiba, with model conductions by Dengeki Hobby Magazine. The first volume of the sidestory was released in May, 2008 by Dengeki Hobby.
Like Feito said, a light novel being published along with color illustrations of the characters and Mobile Suits. It's entirely canon with 00, covering tiny bits of the background story of Celestial Being, their Mobile Suits and its pilots. spoiler Also some sort of prequel to Gundam 00F. A pity both don't get OVAs, would kill to see the second season of 00P animated.