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a full copy of fantia paid work collection is uploaded to here
this serves as a back up of this artist work (avoid using JP IP), and it's even more complete than the site's copy.

mega back up: part1 part2
other back up: part1 code:zq2y
part2 code:s3ty
We ought to get more pools onto there as it'll be devastating if this site ever goes offline.

It hasn't escaped my attention that fireattack has an account.
So Japanese can't access EX? Since I remember ehentai will also delete the gallery when the original owner / creator requested.
I wonder is EX a perfect solution of this problem.

But still many thanks, I love this artist's works quiet a bit.
I think they may just hide the gallery?
I had no idea what will they do about those gallery. In my experiences, the Wani Comic banned the ehentai post their magazine completely, all those galleries were deleted (which can't be access with gallery ID)