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Yosuga no sora Official Art Collection? Is that a thing?

Looks to me someone just gathered these images from various sources (for example, this image is obviously from the scan post #348017 but with crease fixed; and most of others would be from the previously discussed digital VFB).

Most of them need parenting too, but I have zero interest to work on these years old illustrations..
john.doe said:
Well, seems like the source was from here:
Uploader's comment proves what fireattack said is correct.
I missed the comment:

Yosuga no sora Official Art Collection

Every picture in this gallery is

-drawn by the original game artist
-of wallpaper size or higher
-not from the game CG

Every effort has been made to remove any of the following when present:
-border or frame
-scanning artifacts
-excessive noise
I've removed the 'official' name from the pool. Please delete any you are not happy with.
I will leave it for now until I checked these images
Many of these images are dupes of scans already on the site, some with minor edits.