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bra breast_hold inukami nadeshiko pantsu tail topless youko

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This pic along 300 others have been here before. But for some reason these are now gone and we get these "new" ones instead. Any reason the uploader deleted these, and is there a way to get them back, like some sort of backup you keep for the server hosting the site? MD5 checksums were nice, but now it's not that easy anymore because of the new "system" that danbooru has included or is this some sort of tweak to the script?
I've just been going through and clearing out duplicate images. Is this what you are talking about?
You say 300, but I've removed a lot less then that. Over what time period are you talking?
You can still search via md5 which should show the deleted post...unless the db's doing funny things again
I've searched Inukami before and I don't recall seeing many.
Searching can be a little...odd...sometimes.
They really ought to make some H-Doujins for this, Inukami seems rather lonely for the explicit anime that its worth. I got a few kicks out of it and it was a funny anime overall.
I suppose... The characters were pretty cute with only Youko and Nadeshiko as the attractive one. I Think i've seen some but never bothered to get them.
Radioactive said:
You say 300, but I've removed a lot less then that. Over what time period are you talking?
I'd say about oct 2007/jan2008-june 2008 (when these were posted). I remember when i first started visiting this site for wallpapers/posters.. heh.. That was around when danbooru went down and "fansites" were made. I remember when we had the the MD5 upload system or however it was before this one. You could see and tag pics as dupes, or there was just some color edit/fix I.e shop) when we had them resizes but lately pics started disappearing altogether. I started noticing this around aug-sep 2008 but I never bothered asking as I had forgot my account here or may have been banned, and was too lazy to make a new one... Either way there gone, and all I see is "re-uploads"
There were missing scans which I've flagged before. Probably an update did something strange to the DB, but this was ages ago...

Can you see any of the missing scans in http://moe.imouto.org/post/deleted_index ?