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Uh... call me ignorant but why were these 2 pics considered as parent and child posts respectively?
Oh, I see.

Can't wait for march ;_;
kyoushiro said:
Can't wait for march ;_;
The fist OVA of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas will be released in march.

I'm excited because it'll feature a totally different staff and it will be produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, not Toei Animation (YAY!).

Also, Aya Hirano as Sasha and Nana Mizuki as Pandora :3
Yeah, I know, only one who cares is me ;_;
Dunno lol. The entire series was released here on DVD a long time ago in 6 boxsets, plus Hades. Each one was like 60USD with 18 episodes each LMAO.

Saint Seiya's territory is, mainly, Mexico, South America, Brazil, China (?) and (I think?) Europe. I'm surprised Viz has published most of the manga, though.

Masami Kurumada is too in love with that shitty manga called Ring ni Kakero, to care about SS. Lost Canvas isn't even written or drawn by him, but by another artist called Shiori Teshirogi.
I would like to get the DVDs, but would only do so if it was the whole series...
You can blame "Knights of Zodiac" for making SS a failure in the US ;/
Not US based, so do tell more?
Imagine they did a 4Kids treatment with Saint Seiya (occidental names, storyline changed, non-red blood, toned down violence, CHANGED SOUNDTRACK).

We've got SS since 1990, so that shit never arrived here, but I've seen some vids of it on Youtube... it's horrible.
[shang tsung]IT HAAAAAAAAAS BEGUN![/shang tsung]

*drools* :D~