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As much as I hate to admit it, I'm just not liking some of POP's newer stuff nearly as much. A lot of it has been comparatively dark and "earthy". They just don't grab my attention like his brighter works. It's not bad, but I'd have to place it as merely above average, rather than top five.
Very few of his new art is dark and earthy, most of them is related to art he published in other peoples novels. In the end the art need to match the novel.

But this pic above, is not a new art at all, it's the cover for an Golden City Factory Music CD back from 2006.
I noticed ordinary Japanese read the title as "touhou shikisai tan" and very few can read as "shoku ayatan".
I don't know what pop intended, but "shoku ayatan" is really funny sound to Japanese.
What I've seen of his C73, C74 and C75 stuff is all quite dark (perhaps "pale" is a better description) compared to his normal stuff. I just like his bright stuff a lot more. C74 "hari no sora" is interesting, though, from what little I've seen.
Speaking of POP, did any of you watch the C75 PV of his anime? It doesn't like bad.