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bikini cleavage swimsuits tony_taka

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Feito said:
Isn't that Kasumi?
a character from
...x wind as i remember
She doesn't look like anyone from Shining Wind/Tears to me. Possibly an original?
My first thought was horo from spice and wolf...
kiowa said:
My first thought was horo from spice and wolf...
Those were my thoughts at first but her tits are a tad to big compared to a kitsune that I know of...
since when was horo a fox ? o_O
Looks like Orihime from Bleach minus possible eye colour difference to me...
Orihime always wears her hairpins D:
It's actually good that she is not Holo. Now imagine, Holo, drawn by Tony. Holo, in a bikini. No way. That would be total destruction... In a good sense. But still... It would be unbearable.