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midzki said:
Fin =D
Amazing, thanks midzki!
You're a hero, midzki
Thank you very much, midzki !!
Thank you so much for all your hard work, Midzki!! Now it is time for the mega 1.7 gig pool download.

I purchased Byakuya Chakai a couple of days ago thanks to the beauty of your scans and icie's great blog review. I cannot wait to get it in the mail! :)
Thanks for scanning midzki :33
thank you too guys =D

(but i'm not satisfied with this quality, especialy the color. i maybe redo editing somedays)
OMG!! Awesome!!! XD

Sorry for bumping this, but I just ADORE this pic! XD

Art style, effects and color are beyond amazing and superb! XD

Thank you so very much midzki! :D
Excuse me, I can't find page 33. Is it a text page which is no need to scan or just missed?

(And the missing of 75-82, but I guess it must be in purpose)